Ozark building in front of body of water with water lillies

CABÜ In the Cotswolds

Double wood cabin, green paint with lavender colored plants near Leafield

CABÜ in the Cotswolds is underway. The Cotswolds are famous for their typically English landscape, lovely green rolling hills, stone walls, woodland and charming towns and villages. CABÜ are now repurposing a redundant and derelict engineering works right in the centre of the area of outstanding natural beauty. Situated in Langley, the former Marconi radio transmission site is having a major makeover. Wherever possible, the old buildings are being renovated to provide a new Cabin Club, indoor swimming pool and spa and our wonderful onsite shop. There will of course be a new sitooterie, hot tubs, saunas and plunge bucket along with some fresh activities to help you relax deep in the countryside.

CABÜ have designed a new range of ultra cool timber cabins that have the built in CABÜ DNA of green construction, modern aesthetic and a unique interior feel.  

Indoor Swimming pool with high ceilings, wood flooring and palm plants in pots and sunbeds - Cotswolds Langley Oxfordshire
Wooden  CABÜ Cabin with high grasses, blue sky and trees in Oxfordshire

CABÜ emphasise the importance of low energy use, low impact construction. We are fully engaged in the circular economy, carbon reduction and the use of plastics. Our cabins are constructed using modern methods of timber engineering and zero waste in manufacture. CABÜ’s building systems are permanent and designed to UK and European housing standards. Our buildings our manufactured in the UK and have high eco credentials from materials sourcing through to occupational use. We provide a modern approach with high design and architectural value catering for the eco tourists. CABÜ in the Cotswolds will offer their high quality short-term stays all year round.  We are aiming to provide guests with 2, 3 or 4 night stays in a relaxing environment with low adrenalin activities and provide an excellent base to discover all the Cotswolds have to offer.

Aearial view of the CABÜ  site in Langley Oxfordshire near Leafield and Burford